Top 10 Halloween Movies

If it’s the 31st of October you should be watching one of the flicks from my top ten Halloween films list. I won’t lie, this is essentially a list of the first instalments from some very lengthy and once spooky franchises.

10. Hostel

A film you definitely shouldn’t watch before embarking on trip around Europe. This is basically relevantly light-weight torture porn from director Eli Roth. Apparently 150 gallons of blood were used.

09. Candyman

Have you said it? Have you stood in front of the mirror and uttered his a name? Say it five times and you’ll be haunted by eponymous murderous soul with a hook for a hand. Yay! By the way Tony Todd as said murderous soul is frighteningly good.

08. Nightmare On Elm Street

The idea of being hunted in your dreams by a vengeful child killer with metal claws is a genius set-up. And it’s fair to say the film takes this and delivers horror in abundance. Under the direction of Wes Craven, Robert Englund as Freddy offers out heebie-jeebies left right and centre. There is of course the obvious way to escape him, don’t fall asleep. Terrifying.

07. Friday The 13th

Arguably the most famous summer camp set slasher, this original instalment of a franchise that just won’t quit gives the sub-genre all its tropes. Literally a procession of waiting to see who cops it next and in what bloody manner they perish.

06. The Frighteners

An much underrated spook session directed by Peter Jackson, this film sees Michael J. Fox battle the reaper. It might sound kooky, and it is, but that’s its charm. It moves from comedy to genuine horror without missing a beat.

05. The Exorcist

It’s a classic and for many reasons, notably the fact that the demonic possession is of a teenage girl. It makes things so much more unpleasant. Linda Blair’s performance is remarkable and claims she was ever really aware of the context of what she was doing. This is sort of a relief, because things get fucked up pretty quickly, and by all accounts director William Friedkin was a piece of work. An example of this was allegedly firing of a shotgun behind the unsuspecting actor Jason Miller, you know, to give his character Father Karras an authentic look of shock and terror.

04. The Wicker Man

Small town creepy goes to the next level in this film. Edward Woodward’s policeman stays on a small island to investigate the disappearance of teenage girl. Things go from quaint to holy-fuck-what-the-hell-is-going-on swiftly. Through in Christopher Lee in a dress and Britt Ekland’s naked possessed dancing and you’re on your way to crazy-ville with no way out.

03. Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil

This is by no means the greatest film ever. It is though a superb Halloween film. Especially if you’re a knowledge bunch when it comes to the horror genre. Comedy mostly, but with some great moments. The story is the teens-in-woods trope, but told from the perspective of the hapless hilly-billy. Who knew they were just misunderstood.

02. Halloween

So this is the classic slasher film, and with a superbly apt title for this list. It has a teenage Jamie Lee Curtis being stalked by a knife-weilding psycho institutionalised most of his life for killing his sister. Perfect. As the pursuit continues the psycho, Michael Myers, is pursued too by his doctor, played by none other than Donald Pleasence. It’s class.

01. Scream

Wes Craven turns the genre on its head, playing with all the tropes and conventions established by many of the flicks on this list. It’s a knowing playful ride of horror film lore, but never suffers from this. In fact quite the opposite, as it revels in the glory of all things gruesome, bloody and cinematic. Making it an ideal halloween movie.

With this list of tope ten Halloween films you should be all set for the 31st! Don’t forget to make sure the lights are off and you only use a torch to search for the source of that mysterious sound that was almost certainly the cat…

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