Top 10 Feel Good Movies

‘I’m crying but I’m happy’ flicks, also known as the top 10 feel good movies. Yes they are the films that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. That feeling that the world is a wonderful place full of wonderful things where human spirit and love conquer all obstacles. “Run Forrest, run!”

10. Big Fish

Burton at his best. Which is refreshing. Essentially a story about stories this film is a gem and the perfect start to my top ten feel good films. The triumph of this film is its pacing and how the director moves with such grace the affections of his audience that maximum emotional impact is only ever a matter of runtime away.

09. Pleasantville

As with Big Fish there is something about a story hung on a setting of fantastical realism. When thing start moving in this flick the audience is swept up and bowled along with all that happens. The metaphors should be clunky and naff, but they’re not. Instead it’s a rich film about positive rebellion. Plus it’s set in the 50s, which helps.

08. The Bucket List

It’s like Morgan and Jack were coerced into making a Disney film without really noticing. The thing is, despite being massively predictable it’s charming and actually funny (some of the time). What are you waiting for? The sentiment has never really been better expressed and of course inevitably there is plenty of, ‘Oh, so I see what really matters in life now’.

07. The Truman Show

Clumsy Jesus and God analogies aside this is still an awesome piece of filmmaking. The stormy sea sequence that finally ends with Jim drifting to the end of the world and then literally stepping off it is brilliant and forever cheer worthy, regardless of how many times you’ve seen it.

06. It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s Christmas and Clarence gets his wings! What more could you possibly want? I’m pretty sure the industry standard for fake snow was set by this festive mainstay too. Technology and moral tale in thorough harmony.

05. Cinema Paradiso

An eloquent and massively joyful watch as cinema and nostalgia are placed centre stage and interestingly quizzed without ever forgetting that things have to be entertaining too. Quaint, quirky and intelligent makes for a rare vintage indeed.

04. Billy Elliot

What is there not to like. Dancing northen boy does good against all the odds set against a backdrop of huge social unrest. Brilliant. And then the final scene, that final shot! So should have kept up my ballet lessons. It’s cool, it’s manly and you get to hang out with ballerinas. Hell, I wish I was Billy.

03. Forrest Gump

I’ll be honest. The thing that amazes me most about this film is the removal with digital wizardry of Gary Sinise’s legs to give him the amputee look. Amazing! Aside from this it’s also the archetypal feel awesome about life film. It’s by the numbers, but boy are those numbers spot on.

02. The Shawshank Redemption

Right, I know the twist. Yet I’ve still seen this movie tens of times, and every time I love it. The reveal, that moment still feels as good as it did the first time. It’s that ‘Holy shit, he’s only gone and done it’ moment that is so perfectly dealt with it loses no potency with repeated viewing. Throw in the rest of the film too that just happens to be cinema at it’s finest and you realise why this features so highly on my top ten feel good films list and every consumer led top film list ever created.

01. Seven Pounds

This might not be everyone’s favourite choice, but I implore anyone to find a film that is more tightly structured to pull the emotional responses from an audience. You know all the way through something is up. Will’s got some serous demons, but at every single moment you know we’re working to something big, something that’s going to slay in the life affirming and selflessness that is possible in this so called life. Then boom. It delivers unashamedly and without mercy. Woody, kiddie choirs and lovers lost, they’re all their and you’re blubbing like a child, but feeling so good about it. You still have a soul!

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