Top 10 Disney Movies

Who doesn’t love a Disney animation? Now, since the dawn of digital animation I’m always a bit confused as to what is and isn’t Walt’s work. Yes, I know the fairy dust covered castle is a tell tale sign, but even so I ain’t so hot on it. Despite this shortcoming I’ve gone ahead and created my top ten Disney films thinking, with at least a modicum of faith, they are indeed from the stable of Mr. Cryogenic himself. If you know otherwise there’s comments below to call me out.

10. Monsters Inc. and Monsters University

It’s just a downright smart ass concept. That there’s and industry and university feeding this industry where monsters learn and work. Then of course there’s the fact that the characters are great and the jokes a funny. Whoop!

09. Finding Nemo

Single father seeks lost son. Prepare to have those heart strings tugged. There’s a lot of clever in this movie and Dory never fails to amuse.

08. Wall-E

With no speech at all Wall-E manages to convey all manner of emotions and evoke the same from the audience. Theres a message too, that isn’t delivered subtly, but never feels bludgeoned into you either. I like that. what I like most though is how inventive everything about this film is, from the grand concept to the details inside Wall-E’s little futuristic container.

07. Beauty And The Beast

This is mostly in the list because of the ballroom sequence, it’s a spectacular moment. There’s also a singing candelabra and clock, “Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test, tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie, and we’ll provide the rest.”

06. Bambi

A film with a death sequence that traumatised at least two generations. That’s enough of a reason to appear here. Plus that everything turns out okay in the end.

05. The Incredibles

Another quality idea that works brilliantly thanks to an attention to detail that you just can’t understate the importance of. I always immediately think of the scene in which Frozone is looking for his costume, “Where. Is. My. Supersuit?”

04. The Lion King

The first actual on screen death ever for the studio and boy does it hit hard. Thankfully, much like Bambi, everything turns out okay accompanied by quite the score.

03. Aladdin

Holy shit that parrot is funny, as is Williams as Genie. And man are the songs good, “Prince Ali – handsome as he – Ali Ababwa, That physique! How can I speak? Weak at the knee…”

02. Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3

The definitive computer animated franchise. There’s just so much going on in each and every one of thee films, hell in each and every one of the scenes, of each and every one of these films. The dil surpasses itself though in the third effort with the character of Ken, masterstroke.

01. Ratatouille

A french rat, that dreams of being a chef. It then unleashes, very sneakily, a sly sense of humour that is more clever than almost anything you put beside it. Brad Bird at his very best, which is really something to behold.

Top ten disney films signed, sealed and delivered, hopefully. I have a sneaking suspicion this could be a highly volatile selection of movies in terms of ideas of what are where things should be included. My comments are open if that is indeed the case.

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